πŸŽ‰ Welcome to Sudoji the Emoji + Sudoku game πŸ˜„! You've played Sudoku hard, or Sudoku evil βœ…. You've used Emojis βœ…. You like free online puzzles βœ… Great! you're all set to test your sudoku-emoji-pattern-matching superpowers 🦸.

Here’s how it rolls: Your mission is to fill the grid of boxes with the crazy set of emojis, but there’s a twist. You can’t have the same emoji repeating in any row, column, or those 3x3 grids. Sounds like a piece of 🍰, right? Just click on an empty square, choose the emoji that hasn’t been used in that row, column or square, and bam! You're on your way to becoming a Sudoji master. Sounds easy. Isn't!

When you think you are ready for some real brain gymnastics, hit the 'Pick A Level' button, select your skill level and away you go. And Remember to watch the ⏰, as your final score will depend on compeleting the game as quickly as possible and makest the fewest number of errors - the number of seconds it takes, and an error penalty will be deducted from your final score..!

Each of the 4 levels has its own set of emojis – getting increasingly similar. Try the Sudoku hard, or even the Sudoku evil levels of Sudoji for a crazy difficult challenge. These games are cute, but fiendishly difficult!

Let's GO πŸš€...!

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